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Incontri Istituzionali

  Pobic per agire e operare si rapporta con le istituzioni italiane e quelle nei paesi dove opera  

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Words cannot be enough to thank all the members of the scientific committee for their work and dedication: only thanks to them Pobic can implement its humanitarian projects. Special thanks also to the technical help and scientific support in programming new fields of our action. Dott. Gian Paolo Castelli Presidente Dott. Carlo Antonio Calamari Dott. Antonio Santelia Dott. Francesco Santoro

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I nostri volontari

Benedetta Novellini Diane Costa d’Avorio Dott. Ahoua Celestin Tano Nicola Sejeda Mery Savio Lesly Nigeria Rachid Ilaria Allari Giuseppe Sanna Melinda Giancarlo Nolli Massimo Mezzari Matteo Gandellini Valeria Hapanovich Andrea Sarzi Sartori Stefano Buttarelli

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Cuore Aperto Costa d’Avorio

Given the pressing demands received from friends of Ivory Coast Pobic decided opening here teh project « Open Heart ». Everything begins in 2007, when humanitarian intervention begins to emerge: economically and scientifically it seems very complex. Thanks to Dr. Carlo Antonio Calamari (responsible at that time of Areu of Mantova) are involved the Areu and Carlo Poma Hospital of Mantova. In July 2008, in Mantua, is signed a twinning between AnPobic,

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Cuore Aperto Nigeria

In Nigeria projects start in 2012 with "Open Heart" : nigerian hospitals identifies some children with serious heart diseases and these children, with their mothers, are invited in Italy by Pobic, who takes care of the travel, the surgery, the convalscence and the accomodation. Children received the medical cares in hospital Gaslini in Genoa, thanks to the generosity of the team of Dr. Francesco Santoro and then they are hosted during their convalescence

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Open Heart

HUMANITARIAN PROJECT OPEN HEART This humanitarian program in based on identification in Africa and in Eastern Europea nof boys and girls suffering from serious heart diseases who require heart surgery; we transfer them and their mothers in Italy where they can be submitted to a pediatric cardiac intervention at the hospital Giannina Gaslini in Genoa. At the end these kids ca return in their native countries completely saved and in health! Un altro

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