Today in Yenagoa the first meeting at Federal Medical Center, where tomorrow will start Bls course lead from doctors Marlene Alberti and Mariagrazia Cavesti.

The general director thanked Pobic and its president, lower Paolo Novellini: “thank you for your work and for happiness you give to mothers who see their babies saved.

We waiting for the starting of the Bls course because we need it, our medical staffs need formation.

President Novellini said: “thank you for your welcome. We are happy to help you and you babies who todays are a bit also our babies”. 

At the meeting there was also doctor Omaka Oroh, who was in Italy in November 2014 to follow a trainign course offered by Pobic. But the most emotional meetings were those with some of the families of the babies saved thanks to the surgeon had in Italy, like Godpower, who came in Italy in August 2014, or Opukumo and Gift who where in Italy in May and June, just a month ago.


Then the official meeting in Ministry Offices, with MrAybatonye Owei, who thanked Pobic and said: “your help is very precious because our government cannot do everything alone”


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