On Monday 8th June, after a month in Italy, Kotingo Ebikabowei El-Nathan was flying home with her mother. Now he is in health, thanks to Pobic’s community great heart and to the medical staff in Gaslini Hospital in Genoa, lead from Dr Francesco Santoro. Kotingo and her mother came back in Bayelsa state, where they live; after the hospital period, Kotingo and his mother passed some weeks in Bozzolo into the house that Pobic has set up for them in Bozzolo (Mantua).

Sampson Souvereign Riman and Opukumo Daziba Gift, together with their mothers, are still in Bozzolo’s house: on June 23th they are going have the last visit and, if all will be ok, they will leaving Italy on June 29th, both of them back to a safe and normal to life! It remains at Gaslini Hospital Yusuf, because he is still under observation: his clinical picture turned out to be very different and much more severe than projected by Nigerian doctors. Our Nigerian project leader Festus went to visit him on June 8th and he found him well. We hope to have him very soon among us, safe and happy!

We will meet our children and their families at the end of July, when a Pobic delegation will flight to Nigeria, to bring other help, also directly with Italian medical teams who is going there to improve our sanitary projects with our partner hospitals in Bayelsa. See you soon!

In July in Nigeria will arrive also the container with medical and other kind of help we sent there: all the material leaved on June 9th and now is travelling on the sea, direction Bayelsa State!


Ringraziamo la Zanzarina D’oro per il suo sostegno e per le belle iniziative organizzate per aiutarci nella raccolta fondi……. Grazie……

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Eurosets in Nigeria per il progetto “Cuore Aperto” di Pobic

Anche volontariatoggi.info parla di Cuore Aperto e del sostegno al progetto da parte di Eurosets.

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Eurosets abbraccia il Progetto “Open Heart”. Bellissima notizia: Eurosets, importante azienda produttrice di prodotti biomedicali, ha stretto..

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Sarà lo splendido #TeatroBibiena di Mantova a far da cornice agli eventi che stiamo programmando per il 27° Anniversario della fondazione della..

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Con grande piacere annunciamo la sottoscrizione di questo Protocollo, un accordo che porterà a una fruttuosa collaborazione tra due Associazioni..

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