Opukumo and Sampson out from hospital: saved!

20150528_125557Today Opukumo e Sampson came out from Gaslini Hospital, were they have been treated for their hearth disease.

Opukumo and Sampson and their mothers were welcomed into the house that Pobic has set up for them in Bozzolo.

Here they reached Kotingo who had already been released on May 12th from the hospital.

It remains at Gaslini Yusuf, to whom we direct al our attentions: in fact he must remain under observation because his clinical picture turned out to be very different and much more severe than projected by Nigerian doctors; he is also affected by a brain abscess that greatly complicates the possibility of successful conclusion of the intervention to the heart.

We hope to soon welcome him among us! 20150528_130116 Meanwhile, we can meet the three babies and mothers on Tuesday to the first edition of the Pobic torneo, during “I Sapori della Bassa”, an event which takes place from May 30th to June the Second in San Giovanni in Croce.

On that occasion, the small will receive this greeting even from high Nigerian representatives who will be guests during the awards ceremony at 18.30: Mrs Aworabhi, the wife of the ambassador of Nigeria in Italy, accompanied by the leaders of embassy Mrs Elisabeth Addullazees, Mr. Rawlings KE Osuobeni and Mr Kehinde Duroti.



Ringraziamo la Zanzarina D’oro per il suo sostegno e per le belle iniziative organizzate per aiutarci nella raccolta fondi……. Grazie……

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