4mag2015_0Now they are already in the Hospital Giannina Gaslini in Genoa: they are the four Nigerian children arrived on May 4th in Italy to be treated by the team of Dr. Francesco Santoro. Kotingo Ebikabouzi El-Nathan, Fagbay Oloto Yusuf, Simpson Souvereign Riman and Opukumo Daziba Gift, accompanied by their mothers, arrived at Genoa airport, where there was Pobic team to welcome them: with our ambulance of the “Emergency tranport” project, we accompanied childrene and mothers to the hospital for the visits and for the scheduling of surgeries. Two will be treated this week, the other two following week.


These are children with heart diseases: in Nigeria they would have no chance of survival. They were identified by Nigerian hospitals partner in the “Open Heart” project, that the NGO Pobic carries on in this country, specifically in the state of Bayelsa in the Niger Delta, since 2012, saving dozens of lives: Pobic allows these children the journey, surgery thanks to the collaboration and generosity Gaslini hospital, convalescence in the homes of volunteers Pobic or in the Ngo home in Bozzolo (MN) and then their return in Nigeria, saved.

In these days of hospitalization follow us on our web site or on our Facebook page: we will give all the news about children’s health. Let’s feel our love to these children and their mothers!



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