Cuore Aperto Costa d’Avorio

Given the pressing demands received from friends of Ivory Coast Pobic decided opening here teh project « Open Heart ».

Everything begins in 2007, when humanitarian intervention begins to emerge: economically and scientifically it seems very complex.

Thanks to Dr. Carlo Antonio Calamari (responsible at that time of Areu of Mantova) are involved the Areu and Carlo Poma Hospital of Mantova. In July 2008, in Mantua, is signed a twinning between AnPobic, Poma, Areu and a hospital in Bongouanou, the capital city of the province.

In July 2009 starts the project « Emergency Transport », with the first course held at the hospital in Bongouanou by Gian Paolo Castelli (who replaced Calamari in the direction of Areu). Emergency Transport, originally had a duration of three years and included three training (two in Ivory Coast and one in Italy) for the Ivorian personnel and the delivery of a number between 2 and 8 ambulances.

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However in 2010 in Ivory Coast there are presidential elections and suddenly breaks a terrible civil war that lasts until 2011, in fact freezing Pobic’s project that can start only in August 2012, with the second part of the course and the delivery of ambulances . Unfortunately the stupidity of the politic leads to the premature end of the project. New regional elections are held in the spring of 2013 and the third part of the action plan, which included the arrival at the hospital Poma of 4 people (doctors and nurses), is stopped by the new president of the region of Bongouanou.

In Ivory Coast Pobic did everything he could, but when the context prevented her to continue did not give up: he moved his resources in Nigeria, where he created and currently maintains projects “Open Heart” and “Emergency Services”.

costa-d'avorio-cuore01costa-d'avorio-cuore03costa-d'avorio-cuore04costa-d'avorio-cuore05Sopra: presentazione del progetto umanitario Cuore Aperto Costa d’Avorio al Dott. Francesco Santoro cardiochirurgo dell’Istituto Giannina Gaslini da parte del Presidente dell’associazione Avv. Paolo Novellini e del Presidente della regione di Moronu – Bongouanou Dott. Paul Koua Brou.

Incontro con il Dott. Paolo Petralia, Direttore generale dell’Istituto Giannina Gaslini per il progetto umanitario Cuore Aperto Costa D’Avorio.
costa-d'avorio-cuore08costa-d'avorio-cuore09Incontro con il Dott. Pr. Seka Assi Rémi – Direttore Generale dell’Istituto di Cardiologia di Abidjan, il più importante istituto di cardiologia della Costa d’Avorio


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