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In Nigeria projects start in 2012 with “Open Heart” : nigerian hospitals identifies some children with serious heart diseases and these children, with their mothers, are invited in Italy by Pobic, who takes care of the travel, the surgery, the convalscence and the accomodation.

Children received the medical cares in hospital Gaslini in Genoa, thanks to the generosity of the team of Dr. Francesco Santoro and then they are hosted during their convalescence in the Pobic’s home in Bozzolo (Mantova) and finally repatriated to Nigeria, healed. Every summer Pobic’s staff goes in Nigeria, to check the health conditions of children operated in September of the previous year, to know their families and bring more medical aid. The first trip is at the end of July 2013 and during this visit Pobic deliveres also 55 boxes of clothes and toys, collected in Italy thanks to the solidarity of two elementary schools, one in Viadana (Mantova) and the other one in Castenedolo, where, in 2011/2012 teachers and parents collected toys and clothes for nogerian children.

In Nigeria begins also “Emergency transport” project with hospitals: Niger Delta University Teaching Ospital of Okolobiri, and Federal Medical Center in Yenagoa.


These are just some of the first children Pobic could save: Victor and Joseph brought in Italy in September 2012, admitted the same day in Giannina Gaslini Institute of Genoa. Operated in early October, resigned on October 18, they have returned home: saved!


In 2013 the project has not only continued, but has strengthened: in addition to the visits to the families of children operated in the previous months in Italy, during the summer trip Pobic’s staff establises high level institutional relations and signs a Memoranda of Understanding These actions laid to the foundation of the “Emergency Transport” project. That means the training of Nigerian staff in first aid, according to the guidelines of the international standards ; Pobic donates also some equipped ambulances. Pobic’s Volunteers also held talks with the Minister of Health of the state of Bayelsa, in the headquarters of the ministry, and they have been received by some senators in the “Governement House”. The meetings are important because they have sanctioned the recognition of Pobic’s actions and importance by the local authorities.

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All promises are maintened and developped in 2014, despite worldwide panic caused from Ebola outbreak. But Pobic has no fear and doesn’t stop: this year dozens of boys and girls flew to Italy to be operated at the Gaslini in Genoa. But this particular year Pobic has implemented a series of extraordinary measures, a real precautionary strategy: before leaving, all children and their families stay for a quarantine in hospitals of their cities; once arrived in Italy they made a second quarantine followed by Dr. Charles Calamari, Pobic’s volunteer doctor who repeatedly visited them in Africa. Only later they are admitted to Gaslini for the haert surgery. And for the convalescence children and mothers are hosted in families in Genoa, Verona and Brescia.

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Even the « Emergency Transport » project in 2014 sees some important actions: there’s the first part of the course BLS for medical and paramedical staff, whose second part with its examination is scheduled during the summer 2015 trip. In 2014 Pobic staff verifies also the conditions to start a new project of pediatric ophthalmology: according to this idea, medical and paramedical staff and students of the University Hospital Niger Delta University Teaching Ospital of Okolobiri will be trained to perform cataract surgery with phacoemulsification system. During the journey of the 2015 staff Pobic plans to improve the arrangements for this new project.

And now we are in 2015 and a new start, with the arrival in May 4th of the first children and mothers: you can follow thier storie in the home page and on Facebook . Stay tuned !

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